Contractors and Tenders

The ports day to day services are supported by a number of contractors and from time to time term service agreements are made to support both landside and vessel services and specific projects as and when they arise. Our relationship with our contractors is based upon;


As and when we issue tenders for services we will provide a resume of scope, tender time scale and anticipated term here.



Portland Harbour Authority (PHAL) announces its intention to award a fixed price Works Contract on a ‘design and construct’ basis for heavy duty paving works as part of its current Inner Breakwater and Camber Area Development programme.  The Contract will be awarded by limited competitive tendering from a short-list of appropriately qualified Tenderers.

The Inner Breakwater is a listed building and these Works have been consented to by Historic England on the basis that demolition of viaduct arches was acceptable (already completed) provided foundation springings of the arches were preserved/highlighted within the new paving – an express requirement of this Contract.

The existing paving, building foundations and other materials are to be replaced by a new heavy duty port paving appropriate to the envisaged future use of the area, which will be specified in the tender documents.  The Works will also include for necessary new drainage works and all associated adaptation of existing utilities, services, drainage and other existing features within and adjoining the Works site.

PHAL seeks tenders for two alternative forms of pavement construction from which a final choice will be made with the successful bidder:

The Works will generally comprise:

In recognition that the Works are to be constructed in a working port environment, planning and execution of the Works are to be so arranged and directed on a day to day basis as to minimise impact on and disruption to port operations, including through-access to the Crane Berth and other operational areas to the east, and to Storehouse Jetty.

Contractors interested in being considered for shortlisting for the Contract are hereby invited to submit a pre-qualification application. They may obtain pre-qualification documents by application to the Personal Assistant to the Chief Executive, Mrs Lorrie Green (telephone 01305 824044) and these will detail the scope of the Works and the information required of an Applicant. In general, however, companies and consortia eligible for shortlisting will be required to demonstrate technical experience and competence in the nature of Works to be undertaken, and to provide information on similar projects successfully completed, together with evidence of sound financial standing.  Prospective Applicants are invited to visit the site to acquaint themselves with the current situation and the context of the Works proposed.

The closing date for receipt of prequalification applications is 28th February 2017.

Term Service Agreements:

We currently have Term Service Agreements with the following companies:



Renewal Date

Standby Generator

Shenton Ltd


Sanitary & Clinical Waste

South West Hygiene Ltd

1st June 2017

Water Testing


1st July 2017


Yellowstone Environmental Solutions Ltd

1st January 2018

Quay Condition Monitoring

Concrete & Corrosion Consultancy Practice

1st April 2018

Rubble Processing

Paisley Plant Hire Ltd

1st January 2019

Building Maintenance

Rick Fursman

1st January 2019

Security Support

The Formative Group

31st December 2019

Weighbridge Maintenance & Testing

Wesco Ltd

1st January 2020

Health & Safety Support

Marico Marine Ltd.

1st April 2020

Breakwater Monitoring

Waterhouse Associates

1st January 2022

Site Electrical installations LV

Barrett Enterprises (Dorset) Ltd

1st January 2022

Jetty Maintenance & General Engineering Services

Paisley Plant Hire Ltd

1st January 2022

Construction & Ground Maintenance

Portland Plant Hire Ltd

1st January 2022

Landscape, Gardening and Weed Control

Paisley Plant Hire Ltd

1st January 2022

Office & Window Cleaning

Marquis Professional Cleaning & Housekeeping Ltd

1st January 2022

Berthing and Vessel Services

Paisley Plant Hire Ltd

1st January 2022

Crane Hire

Paisley Plant Hire Ltd

1st January 2022

Plant and Haulage

Paisley Plant Hire Ltd

1st January 2022

Pest Control

G A Hellier & Son Ltd

1st January 2022

Waste Management

Paisley Plant Hire Ltd

1st January 2022

Cameras & Microwave Communications


1st January 2022

Electric gates & Barriers

West Country Group

1st January 2022

Fibre Optic

To be Agreed

1st January 2022

Fire Alarms

APE Fire & Security Ltd

1st January 2022

Information Technology

Newburgh Networks Ltd

1st January 2022

Passenger Security Systems

Scan EX Ltd

1st January 2022

Drains, Ducts & Sewer


1st January 2022

Fender Plates, Gangways & Pile Services

Quest Marine Services Ltd

1st January 2023

Yokohamas & Bollard Services

Paisley Plant Hire Ltd

1st January 2023

Gas & Plumbing

Sam Polley Plumbing & Heating Ltd

1st January 2022

Water Systems

Pipefix Ltd

1st January 2022

Vehicle Maintenance

South Coast Auto Solutions Ltd

1st January 2022


Conditions of Purchase:

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