Kite Surfing

To Kitesurf in Portland Harbour a Portland Harbour Authority Permit is required - you also must have 3rd party insurance and be a competent kitesurfer with the ability to carry out the following:

The 2017 Permit Tariff is:

The Local Club have made it easy to purchase Annual and Seasonal Permits, you can buy these online by clicking here.

Or you can now buy direct from Portland Harbour Authority by clicking here.

Daily or Weekly permits are available to purchase from local retailers:

Portland Permits are available each year, and Weymouth and Portland Kitesurfing Club negotiates Permits on behalf of its members and visitors to purchase directly through the Club. 

Any User of the Harbour without a Valid Portland Kitesurfing Permit can be asked to leave the water by Portland Harbour Authority, and is also liable to prosecution. Please ensure that you have the adequate insurance and Portland Permit in place when using Portland Harbour, this will ensure this great location remains open to all of us to use in the coming years. The cost of a permit is a small price to pay to keep the waters open to us all each year, so please do not spoil it for others by not purchasing your Portland Permit if you wish to use Portland Harbour for Kitesurfing.


Mark Rowles

Assistant Harbourmaster
01305 824044


General Directions

Kitesurfing Application Annual/Seasonal