Towable Watersports

towable watersportstowable watersports

Portland Harbour offers a large area of open water where many types of watersport  take place including watersking.

To water ski, aquaplane or undertake similar towing activities a Watersports Permit is required.

For a application form and information chart, see sidebar.

You will also have to have paid Port & Harbour  Dues for your vessel

Please refer to the Towable watersports Handout  for the allowable areas of operation.

You can not waterski within 150m of the breakwaters or within the designated 6 knot areas.

You must hold the relevant permit or receipt on your vessel

There must be two persons on the towing boat at all times, both with the ability to control the vessel.

Each person must have a lifejacket or personal buoyancy aid

Two handheld flares, a fire extinguisher and a rescue line and quoit or similar device must be carried on board.


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